This is Our Story

Based in the heart of Scotland, House of Whisky is a family run business that is passionate about sharing the best the country has to offer with fellow whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you are looking for a rare collectable or a special gift our range has something for everyone. You will find our team to be friendly, approachable and happy to assist you in finding the perfect dram.

We also buy bottles

Do you have any old bottles of whisky or other spirits that you are looking to sell? Well, we might just be able to relieve you of your liquor-y burden. Send details of what you’ve got to using the form, along with how much you’d like for each bottle, and we might just take them off your hands!

Send us as many details as you can for each bottle, including information on the label, its condition…plus don’t forget a photograph

Anyway, enough about us...

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